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Engineer, E-Scooter Racer, Miniwalker Brand Ambassador.

Kilian's Miniwalker:

MW-Tiger 10 Pro+

Miniwalker Tiger 10 Pro Plus

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Kilian Larher

From BMX to Freestyle Scooter Riding

Kilian Larher's journey on two wheels began with BMX racing. But it was the allure of tricks and stunts that eventually led him to the world of freestyle scooter riding. The transition was sparked by a unique experiment: trying to ride a scooter on a skateboard. This moment of innovation marked the beginning of his deep passion for freestyle scootering.

Montpellier, France

Roots in Montpellier

Nestled in the warm and sunny landscapes of Montpellier, France, Kilian found the perfect environment to hone his scooter skills. For over 15 years, this vibrant city has been his playground, allowing him to perfect his craft and become a force to be reckoned with in the freestyle scooter community.

Kilian Larher

Pioneering Electric Scooter Championships

In 2020, Kilian Larher took a monumental step in the world of electric scooters. He played a pivotal role in organizing the inaugural electric scooter world championship, known as eSkootr Championship (ESC). This event marked a significant milestone as the first professional electric scooter racing tournament on a global scale. Kilian has raced in over 14 professional events since then, with his team: Nico Roche Racing