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Foldable vs Non-Foldable Electric Scooters: Is Folding Electric Scooter Better?

Last updated on: 11/28/2023

Electric scooters have become a popular choice for personal transportation, offering a clean and eco-friendly way to get around. However, it's important to note that not all electric scooters for adults are the same.

Among the variety of options available, there are two main types: standing electric scooters and folding electric scooters. Both of these designs are widely used by enthusiasts, including teenagers and adults. But the question remains: which type of electric scooter is the best?

In this article, we'll explore the differences between a standing and folding electric scooter to help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive in and find out which one suits your needs best!

What are Foldable Electric Scooters?

Folding scooters, as the name suggests, is a type of electric scooter designed with a collapsible frame that allows for easy folding and compact storage. These scooters are equipped with features specifically tailored to enhance their portability and convenience.

Why Choose a Foldable Electric Scooter?

1. Portability and Ease of Storage:

One of the key advantages of a folding scooter is its portability. Their folding mechanism enables users for easy lifting, whether it's navigating crowded sidewalks, taking them on public transportation, or storing them in tight spaces.

Imagine effortlessly tucking your folded scooter under your office desk or stowing it in the trunk of your car.

2. Convenience for Commuting and Travel:

Foldable electric scooters are a dream come true for commuters. They offer a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for short-distance travel, allowing you to bypass traffic jams and swiftly navigate through busy streets on flat-free tires.

Additionally, their compact size makes them ideal for quick trips to the grocery store or exploring new cities during your travels.

3. Flexibility in Using Public Transportation:

Foldable electric scooters excel in integrating with public transportation systems. When you reach your bus or train stop, you can quickly fold your scooter and carry it with you.

This flexibility eliminates the need for parking and extends the range of your commute, as you can seamlessly switch between your scooter and public transportation.

Foldable Electric Scooters May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Due to their folding design, foldable electric scooters may have slightly reduced stability and durability compared to their non-foldable counterparts. The folding joints and mechanisms introduce additional points of potential wear and tear, which may require more frequent maintenance and replacements.

The compact size and foldability of these scooters can sometimes lead to trade-offs in terms of comfort and ride quality. Smaller wheels and a more compact frame may result in a slightly bumpier ride, especially on uneven surfaces.

Additionally, the handlebars and deck space may be more limited, potentially affecting the overall comfort during longer rides.

Despite these limitations, foldable electric scooters remain a popular choice for those seeking enhanced portability and convenience.

What are Non-Foldable Electric Scooters?


Non-foldable electric scooters are a type of electric scooter that lacks the collapsible frame feature found in their foldable counterparts. These scooters are known for their robust build and stability, offering a different set of advantages compared to foldable models.

Why Choose Non-Foldable Electric Scooters?

Enhanced Stability and Durability:

Non-foldable electric scooters are built for better stability. Their sturdy construction and fixed frame provide a solid foundation, allowing for a more secure and controlled ride and high weight capacity. This makes them well-suited for navigating various terrains and handling higher speeds.

Higher Top Speed and Power Capabilities:

Non-foldable electric scooters often come equipped with more powerful motors and larger battery capacities. As a result, they offer higher max speed and the ability to tackle steeper inclines, making them suitable for longer commutes and recreational rides.

Improved Comfort and Ride Quality:

With their larger frame and robust suspension systems, non-foldable electric scooters generally provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. They offer better shock absorption, minimizing the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces, and allowing for longer rides without discomfort.

Non-Foldable Electric Scooters May Not Always Be the Best Choice

The lack of a folding mechanism makes non-foldable electric scooters bulkier and less space-efficient compared to their foldable counterparts. This can present challenges when it comes to storing the scooter at home, in offices, or when using public transportation.

Non-foldable electric scooters can be less convenient for daily commuting and travel. Their larger size and fixed frame make them less maneuverable in crowded spaces and less practical for combining with other modes of transportation.

This can be a drawback when navigating through busy city streets or when using public transportation systems.

It's important to consider these factors when deciding between foldable and non-foldable electric scooters.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Foldable and Non-Foldable Scooters


Here are some factors you need to consider that will help you choose between foldable and non foldable scooters:

1. Intended Use and Lifestyle Considerations

Think about how and where you plan to use the scooter. If you need a versatile option for quick trips and easy storage, a foldable scooter may be ideal. Non-foldable scooters are better suited for longer rides or off-road adventures.

2. Commuting Distance and Terrain

Consider the distance of your regular commutes and the type of terrain you'll encounter. Foldable scooters are generally better for short, urban commutes, while non-foldable scooters are more suitable for longer distances or rougher terrains.

3. Storage Options and Space Availability

Assess your storage options at home, work, or other locations. Foldable scooters offer the advantage of being compact and easy to store, making them a great choice for limited space or when using public transportation.

4. Budget Considerations

Set a budget for your scooter purchase. Non-foldable scooters often come with higher price tags due to their enhanced features and durability. Foldable scooters may offer more budget-friendly options without compromising on functionality.


When it comes to electric scooters for adults, foldable/mobility scooters offer enhanced portability and convenience, making them a top choice. One notable option is the foldable electric scooters with seats from Varla Scooter, such as the Eagle One and Pegasus City Commuter.

Additionally, when purchasing an electric scooter as an adult, be mindful of the weight capacity to ensure a suitable ride. The advantages offered by foldable scooters outweigh those of standing electric scooters, and Varla Scooter's models are a reliable and durable choice.

So, hop on a foldable e-scooter, enjoy the ride, and embrace the future of urban mobility!

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