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Using Shared Electric Scooter Vs. Buying Your Own Electric Scooter

Last updated on: 8/29/2023

Electric scooters have swiftly transformed urban transportation, offering an eco-friendly and efficient way to navigate busy streets.

The surge of electric scooters in metropolitan areas has not only helped in curbing emissions and easing traffic congestion but has also given rise to innovative solutions like scooter-sharing services.

In this article, we'll delve into the growing trend of electric scooters, explore the emergence of scooter-sharing companies, and compare the convenience of shared electric scooters with the option of purchasing your own.

The Rise of Electric Scooters

In recent years, electric scooters have become a ubiquitous sight in cities worldwide. These zippy two-wheelers provide a sustainable alternative to traditional modes of transportation, reducing the carbon footprint while offering a practical solution to urban mobility.

Alongside the push for greener commuting, electric scooters have found a special place in the hearts of commuters and adventurers alike. The steady growth of top electric scooter companies has paved the way for enhanced designs, better battery life, and smoother rides.

This surge in popularity has further catalyzed the emergence of electric scooter-sharing services, making this innovative mode of transport accessible to all.

The Convenience of Shared Electric Scooters

1. App-Based Locating

The convenience of shared electric scooters lies not just in their eco-friendliness but also in their ease of access.

With electric scooter rental companies deploying their fleets strategically across urban landscapes, users can conveniently locate available scooters through intuitive smartphone apps.

This eliminates the need for exhaustive searches and waiting times, ensuring that you can find an e-scooter right when you need it.

2. Zero Maintenance Responsibilities

Owning an electric scooter often comes with maintenance hassles. However, with shared electric scooters, you can wave goodbye to upkeep worries.

The electric scooter companies take care of regular maintenance, including battery charging and repairs. This leaves you free to enjoy your ride without the hassle of routine checks and fixes.

3. No Upfront Costs:

Investing in a quality electric scooter might require a significant upfront payment. In contrast, e-scooter-sharing business models let you skip this expense entirely.

With no need to purchase the scooter, you save money that can be better used for other purposes. This financial flexibility particularly appeals to those who may only need an electric scooter occasionally.

Scooter sharing is a boon for various groups – occasional users who don't want the commitment of owning a vehicle, tourists who want a convenient way to explore a new city, and individuals taking short trips where using an electric scooter is the most efficient choice. This shared model offers the best of both worlds: a sustainable mode of transportation without the drawbacks of ownership.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Electric Scooter

electric scooter and owner

Here are the benefits:

Customized Preferences: Personal ownership allows you to choose the best electric scooter that aligns with your specific preferences and needs. Whether it's the top electric scooter with advanced features or a commuter scooter designed for efficiency, you have the freedom to pick what suits you best.

Consistent Availability: Unlike shared electric scooters, which might not always be readily available, owning your own scooter ensures you have it at your disposal whenever you need it. This eliminates the uncertainty of finding an available scooter, especially during peak times.

Potentially Lower Long-Term Costs: While there's an upfront investment, owning a quality electric scooter could translate to lower long-term costs than using shared scooters frequently. Without per-minute or per-hour charges, your scooter becomes a cost-effective mode of transportation over time.

Specific Commuting Needs: For those with specific commuting requirements, like covering longer distances or navigating challenging terrains, owning a top electric scooter with features like front and rear suspension might be essential for a comfortable and efficient ride.

Cost Considerations

When it comes to cost, the comparison between using shared scooters and owning your own becomes crucial.

Shared electric scooters often involve per-minute or per-hour charges that can add up, especially for longer rides. On the other hand, owning a scooter entails an upfront investment, which may seem steep initially but eliminates ongoing usage fees.

To illustrate, let's consider a case study: Jane, a regular commuter, uses an electric scooter for her daily 30-minute work commute. Over a month, the per-minute charges for shared scooters amount to $150, while an entry-level best electric scooter with a cost of $500 offers a one-time investment.

Even factoring in maintenance expenses, Jane could potentially recoup her investment within a few months, making personal ownership a financially prudent choice.

Accessibility and Availability

While shared electric scooters offer a convenient way to get around, they're not without their challenges. Availability can be a concern during peak hours, leaving you stranded when you need a ride the most. Additionally, coverage areas might be limited, making it difficult to find a scooter near your location. Even when you find one, you might have to walk a considerable distance for pick-up or drop-off.

Owning a scooter eliminates these uncertainties. You have your electric bike at your doorstep, providing a smooth ride without the worry of availability or coverage areas.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Shared electric scooters come with the perk of maintenance handled by the company, ensuring they're in top condition for each ride. However, this also means you have no control over the maintenance schedule or the quality of upkeep.

On the other hand, personal electric scooters demand a bit more responsibility. You need to ensure regular maintenance for a smooth ride, but the benefit lies in knowing exactly how your scooter is cared for.

Whether you're inclined to trust the bike rental business or prefer hands-on management, each approach has its unique set of challenges and advantages.

miniwalker electric scooters in a forest


The choice between using shared electric scooters and owning your own comes down to your individual preferences and needs. Shared scooters offer convenience, especially for occasional users and short trips, with no upfront costs and hassle-free maintenance.

On the other hand, owning a personal electric scooter provides the advantages of customization, consistent availability, potential long-term cost savings, and meeting specific commuting requirements.

If you find yourself using scooters frequently and value the convenience of having one at your disposal, investing in the best electric scooter might be the way to go. Experience the joy of scooter ownership and explore the city with ease.

Ready to make the shift? Take the first step by exploring the diverse range of best electric scooters available at Miniwalker and find the perfect fit for your urban adventures.

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