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About Miniwalker

Meet the Team

We are a group of people that came together to achieve one shared purpose: To make micromobilty fun. Whereas others see them as a last mile option, we believe that an electric scooter can be a part of every mile of your life.
We love electric scooters as much as you do, and we're working tirelessly to bring faster, more comfortable, and safer electric scooters to market.
Our team is based in the US, China, Turkey and France.

Our mission

Life get's boring without thrill. When you speed up life, everything else slows down. Our mission is to bring a healthy dose of adrenaline to your daily commute. We want you to get on your scooter and experience the world in motion, just like we do.

What's next?

We work with manufacturers who are at the forefront of micromobilty, to bring about new features that will make cyclists and drivers wish they owned a Miniwalker electric scooter. With each new product, we are getting closer to our dream of representing electric scooters as the most versitale and convenient form of transportation.